UTILE”: A new initiative to help you bring your FP7 and Horizon 2020 funded research results to market

Dear Project Partner:

We are pleased to inform you that the European Commission is supporting a major new initiative that should be of serious interest to your consortium to help exploit and bring to market the research results of FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects by providing free access to specialized health sector business support and training, and most importantly, better access for participating projects to leading private financing and major potential industry partners, and more.

UTILE” is a H2020 funded Coordination and Support Action whose objective is to valorize the results of FP7 and H2020 funded health research project. Whether the results would present the possibility of further valorization and commercial exploitation, will the result of a review based on a set of criteria identified by the UTILE project. The consortium consists of EU and non-EU based, health focused Technology Transfer Offices as well as experts from the finance and investment sectors.

The FP7 and H2020 funded health research projects which will be presenting the highest valorization potential, will be posted on an online valorization and partnering marketplace, the “UTILE Marketplace” (http://www.health-breakthrough.eu). Participating projects will also have the opportunity to receive innovation and support services as well as become directly engaged with actual health market end-users (biotech, pharma, investors) in Europe and the USA. Essentially, participating projects (and the companies generated as a result) will have the opportunity to benefit from an unprecedented European wide platform designed to support their development and eventual commercialization.

We invite you to complete the following on-line assessment survey providing feedback on your project's results so that these can be incorporated in the review of the results to be realized by the respective UTILE project partners.

Completion of the questionnaire should only take a short time but could potentially yield big results for both your program as well as the public health. To make this happen, we ask that this questionnaire be completed and returned online to UTILE by 16/04/2018. Don't delay! You can be contacted by UTILE partners for additional information about the project.

This questionnaire is open for submission after its deadline. In case you are working on a commercially promising innovation for which you would like to make use of UTILE’s services in the future, feel free to submit a questionnaire or contact us at any time.

Questions about completing the form itself can be addressed to questionnaire@utileproject.eu

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